Case for SEO promotion of A Coffee company

  • Project goals

    Increase the number of conversions and new customers.

  • Project results

    Organic traffic grew by 203% in 6 months of operation.


1. Conducted tech. analysis of the site and corrected all technical errors;

2. Implemented CNC URLs;

3. Optimized meta tags for targeted queries;

4. Optimized texts were written;

5. Used link building to increase the reference mass;

6. Brand promotion in progress;

7. Separately, it is worth noting the work with filter pages.


— Initially, for filter pages, it was not possible to set a separate title, meta tags, or add optimized text. This hindered the further development of the site.

— To eliminate these problems, a TOR was developed and the ability to optimize filter pages was implemented: add meta tags separately, prescribe H1, add text to the filter page.

— Filter page optimization makes it possible not only to create a simple structure, but also to attract additional users to the online store website, i.e. will be an additional traffic growth point.

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