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SEO promotion of any site

Website promotion in search engines for keywords that the user types in the search bar.

For example: “Order search promotion of the site.”


advertising and display networks

Paid Google ads that will bring you customers and sales on the day the ad launches. You pay for every visit to your site.


marketing and audit

Analysis of the market and competitors, development of a strategy for the development of a digital sales channel. Analytics of current advertising campaigns. Reducing the cost of the client. Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet.


Banner and Video Ads

Advertising that targets traffic. Advertising in the form of a banner or video clip on popular sites.



The team for your project is under the control of our marketer. We will help you create an effective team that will make your project or startup successful.



Website promotion in social networks Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

of site with GS4B

What is website promotion in simple terms? Website promotion, Seo promotion, Website advertising, Website development – these are all synonyms. Google is a program that works according to an algorithm, a search robot analyzes the site and generates search results. Search results for all queries have already been generated. There is no unique and secret search engine promotion strategy.

The secret is very simple, we analyze competitors who are already in Google, we do better than theirs and get into the Top 10 of Google. We take money only for the work and provide a clear report on the work done. In other words, SEO website promotion is website analytics and website development.

Seo promotion

The advantage of cooperation with our company is the understandable phasing of the robot. We set goals that help increase traffic to your site, as well as attract new customers. We try to minimize the cost of attracting one client and minimize the cost of conversion.

Content marketing

A good replacement for spam mailings, which can increase traffic to your site for low-frequency queries by 50% and provide useful information

Team for the project

For large projects, we offer an inhouse team. The team works on your project all their working time

Crowd marketing

We try to get only high-quality links to your site. We have a separate link budget that you can control


We connect full analytics of site users to make the right decisions and calculate the cost of the client

SEO Without Secret Technologies

You and your employees can participate in the SEO promotion process. Seo is not a secret technology, but the process of website development

Brand advertising, SERM work on reputation

We not only promote websites, but also work on the reputation of your company online

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    SEO Without Secret Technologies


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    SEO website promotion in search engines is a task that professionals should deal with!

    Has the site just appeared? Has been developed for a long time, but is not visible even for basic key queries? Occupied good positions, but suddenly flew out of indexing by search robots? Got filtered or dropped in search results? Too low sales from the site? No matter how hard you try, you can’t even get it into the Top 100? Bad SEO optimization can be the culprit.

    A poor-quality approach to promotion or a banal ignorance of the principles of operation of search engine algorithms can deprive the most important thing – customers and lead to a drop in the CTR index. Meanwhile, it is quite possible to take key positions on the first page of Google and Yandex search results: you just need to order SEO site promotion in the GS4B digital agency.

    Website promotion with 100% effect!

    The right approach is exclusively complex marketing, aimed at solving the situation as a whole, and not just one problem. Website promotion in search engines is a wide range of work that allows you to identify and eliminate all technical problems, conduct internal and external resource optimization, evaluate usability, functionality, page nesting level, content completeness and quality.

    Competent SEO optimization will give you: the ability to reach top positions for key queries, get an increase in targeted traffic, increase sales.

    SEO website promotion affects several points at once:

    • Website audit for compliance with search engine requirements
    • Website functionality and usability analysis
    • Link profile analysis
    • Analysis of competitors from the Top 10

    The formation of an effective promotion strategy depends on the whole picture and should affect the entire site as a whole!

    SEO website promotion – a comprehensive solution to the issue!

    If the new content on the site is indexed by search engines for too long, if you cannot find your resource either by search queries or by pictures, and advertising does not give any return, it is time to order the correct promotion of the site on the Internet!

    GS4B marketing agency specialists will reduce the cost of maintaining the site and ensure the maximum return on investment!

    Comprehensive audit, optimization and website promotion

    First of all, a comprehensive analysis of the resource for the presence of technical errors will be carried out. Errors such as duplicate pages, code errors, low site loading speed, missing or duplicate title and description meta tags, spamming and much more will be detected and eliminated. According to the result of the analysis, the client receives a complete list of errors on the site and an algorithm for eliminating these errors. Correction of technical errors can be dealt with by both our programmers and a specialist from the client’s side.

    Usability Analysis

    Evaluation of website usability is the most important parameter that directly affects the number of sales of goods or orders for services. An inconvenient site that is not informative or does not allow the user to solve his tasks at all stages of interaction leads to a decrease in the number of purchases by 50-70%.

    Whether the filters in the store are convenient, whether the order form is too large, whether the colors used by the designer hurt the eyes … Font, logo, page nesting levels, illustrations and product descriptions – all this can be wrong and lead to loss of customers. All these problems will be revealed by a detailed SEO analysis of the site in terms of usability, and the subsequent promotion of the site in Kyiv will allow you to reach the Top.

    Link mass analysis

    The presence of a large number of links does not always lead to an improvement in the situation. Often the quality of links is too low – this can lead to a drop in positions and even falling under the filter of search engines. Such an SEO audit includes the following tasks:

    • Link quality analysis.
    • Link dynamics analysis.
    • Analysis of the distribution of link mass among landing pages.
    • Anchor list analysis.

    The link profile must be balanced, in this case, the promotion of the site in Google will occur at a faster pace. Link search engine optimization and website promotion Kyiv will allow you to determine the correctness of the configured redirects, help to reject low-quality links that hinder promotion, find new sources to increase the site’s authority and bring additional traffic.

    Development of an effective semantic core and promotion of sites in the Top 10

    Any SEO promotion is always about keywords and phrases. If the semantics are correctly separated into sections of the site, this allows you to more fully cover the target audience, promotion of sites to the Top and not miss a single potential client.

    The collection of the semantic core and its subsequent analysis help to determine the optimal structure of the site, if necessary, add the necessary sections, improving the conversion.

    Website promotion price

    The main indicator of quality optimization is targeted traffic. It is he who provides a high number of sales. And no matter what you need – website promotion from scratch or SEO optimization of sites launched a few years ago, but not generating income – in the GS4B marketing agency you will receive a comprehensive solution to the issue with minimal investment, but with maximum effect!

    The result is important to us, which is why website optimization and promotion are so profitable with us!

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