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TAS Life SMM Case

Insurance Company

  • Project goals

    Promotion of a new insurance product on the Ukrainian market – DOCTOR TAS (insures against oncology and heart disease). Increasing sales.

  • Project results

    A qualitatively rendered set of works on our part increased the recognition of the DOCTOR TAS product among the Target Audience and increased the number of conversions.

    For 6 months of work on the Instagram page, created from scratch, the percentage of engagement has increased, thanks to high-quality and interesting content, and the number of subscribers has increased by 702 people.


1. Even at the stage of getting to know the project, we understood that the topic of the product was quite serious, so it was necessary to develop a concept for promoting the product that would not alienate the target audience.
2. We have introduced a character – DOCTOR TAS, which appears in the Content. We also developed useful topics for posts related to health.
3. Since the product is new, we understood that in order to work, we need to involve bloggers and launch high-quality targeted advertising, as a result of which we received potential leads from customers.
4. In order to increase the loyalty of the target audience, we have developed various health-related infographics: “Healthy Eating Plate”, “Breast Cancer”, “Doctor TAS Family Product”.
5. Also, we worked out infographics in Stories so that they are not only useful, but also interesting to read.

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