Voulonteer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) DEV Case

Volunteer center

  • Project goals

    Development of a CRM system for a center for volunteer psychological assistance to minors.

    It is intended for interaction between a coordinator and a psychologist, who is assigned an assignment for a minor child.

    At the same time, the administrator controls the entire interaction process and can correct it.

  • Project Technologies

    Backend: Laravel

    Frontend: Javascript frameworks Vue.js, on Node.js software platform Server: Digital Ocean.



1. Administrator’s personal account

2. Coordinator’s personal account

3. Creation by an administrator of a coordinator

4. Authorization with password recovery

5. Creating, editing, deleting an assignment to a psychologist

6. Creation of a psychologist

7. Linking a psychologist to an assignment

8. Creating and changing the status of an assignment

9. Adding additional fields for assignments

10. Formation of an assignment in PDF

11. Printable type of assignment to a psychologist

12. History of actions of coordinators with assignments

13. Feedback between coordinator and administrator

14. Filters by assignments and psychologists

15. Smart Search

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