Технічна підтримка сайтів КиївMany assume that the launch of the site is the final stage of working with it, then it works independently and fully, interacts with potential buyers and brings profit to its owner. This is a fairly common and erroneous opinion, since the process of working on the site should continue in the future. The full-fledged operation of the Internet resource involves a mass of technical procedures related to the support and development of the site.

To understand the whole process, imagine renovating a large house. No wonder there is a folk wisdom that says “Repair is worse than a fire and it never ends.” We just finished one room, we need to move on to another, and in the meantime it is already necessary to change the plumbing in the bathroom, we didn’t finish the second room, and in the first the child painted the wallpaper that needs to be re-pasted, and so on ad infinitum. So in the case of the site, they just launched, the assortment changed, they just changed it, and a new Internet payment system has already appeared, etc.

It is also necessary to pay attention that in the conditions of high competition, potential buyers prefer sites, information on which is regularly updated.

Therefore, sites need constant technical support. Such work is trusted only to professionals who are able to quickly navigate the changes and novelties of the Internet space. It is also advisable to entrust the technical support of the site to the company that developed this resource. This will reduce the time for familiarization with the structure of the site, for the compatibility of program elements with their own developments.

Digital agency Global Solutions For Your Business (GS4B) has been developing websites for many years, therefore it offers its services for technical support of your web pages.

What tasks can be solved by website technical support

Technical support of the site is the support of the functionality and uninterrupted operation of your Internet resource. Technical support is needed to solve a wide variety of tasks, the main of which are:

• carrying out monitoring of the domain name and hosting, transferring the site to a new hosting;

• backup of the entire database;

• monitoring and prompt elimination of emerging technical errors;

• making changes to the current functionality of the site and developing a new one;

• integrating the site into the Internet environment and establishing its compatibility with other services and systems;

• modification and timely updating of available information;

• diagnosis and treatment of viruses;

• carrying out work to accelerate the performance of the resource;

• much more.

The main activities of website technical support

All these tasks of technical support can be divided into 3 areas:

Техническая поддержка сайтов1. Administration. When developing any software product, it is quite difficult to foresee all the possible problems that your program may encounter. No programmer is able to foresee sudden traffic surges, DDOS attacks, updates or server failures, and you never know the reasons after which the site simply freezes. In order to correct errors in time, it is necessary to constantly monitor the performance of the system. The professionalism of specialists in this case is manifested not only in the timely correction of the problems that have arisen, but also in their ability to identify such problems in advance, make appropriate adjustments or rid the system of the consequences of possible problems.

2. Modernization of the site. Quite an extensive direction, mainly aimed at giving the content a modern look. The fact is that content will always become outdated, because everything changes, everything moves. So the information posted on the pages of an Internet resource can quickly become outdated. Modernization includes rewriting texts, updating product catalogs, changing filters in catalogs, changing menus, connecting new sections, and much more.

3. Promotion. This area of ​​technical support includes updating the site in order to promote it and further advance it. To perform such tasks, specialists monitor the sites of competing organizations, evaluate the prospects for various development options and choose the most preferred solutions for their implementation.

Software tools used for technical support

GS4B company has been engaged not only in the development of sites for many years, but also in their technical support. Only modern software tools are used in our work:

Техническая поддержка сайтов Киев• the main programming language is the popular PHP7;

• Laravel 5, Zend Framework, Yii 2 Framework, Symfony, Drupal, OpenCart and Magento are used as software that facilitates the development and integration of various site components – frameworks;

• common MySQL 5.5, MongoDB, PostgreSQL or Oracle are used when creating databases;

• we use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, SCSS and Node.js as languages ​​for structuring and presenting content on the Internet;

• many programs use online payments to sell their products in online stores, so our team will connect and monitor the performance of popular PayPal, Amazon Payments, Sage Pay, Privat24 and LiqPay;

• To monitor the delivery of ordered goods, our specialists provide a system for tracking goods of both domestic and foreign postal operators.

What is the advantage of a digital agency GS4B

Software products developed by the Global Solutions For Your Business digital agency are distinguished by their professional execution. The work of our team has a number of advantages over similar competing firms:

• software products are launched on a turnkey basis;

• we provide all kinds of support for the created sites;

• individual approach;

• transparent pricing policy;

• clear reporting;

• complex marketing;

• various additional services;

• guarantee of quality and terms.

By choosing GS4B for technical support, the customer will ensure the correct operation of his site, which guarantees the prosperity of his business.