If you’re a business owner and you’re thinking about growing your business − this article is for you. Initially, a lot of questions arise and it is quite difficult to figure out what is the need to create a site. We can assure you that the creation of the – this is a huge step for your own business in the digital world. Also, the creation of a website will allow you to declare yourself to the whole world, tell about your activities, improve the image of the company, form a powerful marketing multi-tasking tool that allows you to sell, advertise, and increase customer loyalty. Therefore, creating your own page is simply necessary in our dynamically developing modern world, which is leaving more and more in the Internet environment.

The principle of the concept of «Turnkey website development»

Розробка сайтуMany of us have seen advertisements by various developers for “Creating a turnkey website”, but few know what is meant by this concept. Hearing the phrase “turnkey”, I immediately remember the repair of the apartment, when the customer met with the foreman of the repair team, explained where to conduct the electrician, where to glue the wallpaper and tiles, where to lay the laminate and many other subtleties. Then you hand over the keys to your own apartment to the foreman, and after a certain time you move into a beautifully finished apartment with all amenities. This approach is very convenient, as it does not take time to check the work of the team on a daily basis, to resolve unimportant issues and to overcome minor problems.

Website development, it’s the same as repairing − creating coziness and comfort, but not in an apartment, but in the digital world for your own business. You might think that to create a page on the Internet, it is also enough to explain to the developer all your wishes, wait a bit, and you’re done − access the Internet and watch the flow of customers transferring funds to your current accounts. Unfortunately, everything is not so simple, and by contacting the developers, you can get results that are very far from what you want.

And the point is not even in the competence of various developers, but in what each of them understands as “turnkey website development”. If some developers mean by this concept a certain list of services, then for others it is completely different and may not include some services. In order for customers to be able to navigate and understand what they are ordering, we will try to popularly explain the essence of the main components of turnkey development:

1. Programming. This is the basis of the site, without which it simply does not exist. A pre-made design is a set of pictures that can come to life using computer code written by programmers. Therefore, programming is considered the most difficult and responsible stage in the work on the site. In other words, − programming is the combination of design with its functional part. Layout, installation of a control system, implementation of functional modules, testing and ensuring stable operation – here are the main stages of programming, without which the work of the site is impossible.

2. Creating an interface. If by programming we mean the creation of a code consisting of sets of letters and numbers, then by the interface we mean the creation of an attractive and convenient shell. Thanks to this shell, the visitor interacts with the site, so this stage is also very important. An ergonomically designed page with an original arrangement of key elements will attract visitors more than a standard set of buttons on a plain screen.

Розробка сайтів під ключ3. Launch. Written code with a great design is not yet a site, even if it works fine on your computer. Such code without such a service as launching a site will not work on the network and potential customers will not see it. The developer must explain or even help the customer in setting up the servers and choosing the hosting − services for providing resources for hosting a site on a server with permanent access to the Internet.

4. Content. Many people assume that when a website is launched, its development ends. But this is not so, you will get your page without text, descriptions, with links to empty pages. The content of the site implies filling it with text, and it’s one thing if it’s a page with a dozen product names, and another − when there are thousands of these goods, and a description is needed for all of them. Naturally, all this affects the cost of website development.

5. Counters. Counters fall into the category of optional elements, so many people miss them when developing turnkey sites. Counters allow you to see the activity of customers on each page and help improve your resource. For example, seeing the activity of customers on a page with a certain product but without active sales of it, one can conclude that the description is of poor quality or that the price of this product is too high. And vice versa, seeing zero activity, you can make a forecast about the prospects for sales of this product.

6. SEO optimization. This is a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the site’s position in the search engine results for certain user requests in order to increase network traffic and potential customers. In other words, if the user decides to purchase a product on the Internet, he enters the name of the product in the search engine, as a result he receives a list of resources where this product is available. And the higher the position in the list, the more likely it is to buy goods from this company. It is unlikely that a potential buyer will flip through the pages looking for the latest numbers on the list. The promotion of your page to the top lines of the search is done in the process of SEO optimization.

It should be noted that in most cases, developers under the creation of “turnkey” imply programming, creating a user-friendly interface and launching a site, and content, counters and SEO optimization are considered additional services, so in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, always clarify what is included in the concept of “creating a site” on a turnkey basis.

Additional services for productive work

It should be noted that there are also services that are not included in the turnkey development, but which are important for its long and productive work:

SEO просування сайту1. Payment for a domain. If the developer provided hosting and your page functions perfectly on the network, this does not mean that this will be the case all the time. The address for your site was issued one-time, that is, further systematic payment falls on the shoulders of the customer.

2. Promotion. Spreading information about your resource will increase the number of visitors and, as a result, the number of transactions. Therefore, additional care must be taken website advertising on the internet and in social networks (contextual, banner, teaser, etc.), in printed materials.

3. Refinement (maintenance). Even the most excellently written site becomes obsolete over time, requiring improvements and improvements. Modernization may be needed for design, content, functionality, for the ability to connect new equipment, to adapt to increasing traffic, etc. But such support is also not included in the turnkey development. and will require additional costs based on the complexity of the implementation.

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