Are you planning to launch advertising campaigns on Instagram? Make sure your business profile is ready for promotion, otherwise you run the risk of blowing your money.

Getting to an unfamiliar page, the client makes a decision in a few seconds – subscribe, make a purchase or leave.

Which things you should pay attention before launch advertising on Instagram

1. Account name must be readable. Try not to use numbers or more than 1 underscore (_) in the account name.

2. Account picture should reflect the theme of your profile. You can use attributes that are associated with your business.

3. Information in the profile header should be clear. Remember, you are writing for your target audience. Describe your service, benefits and distinctive features. Emphasize the benefits of work with you. Approach it creatively, do not use clichéd phrases. Operate with facts, show your strong sides, it will do a great job.

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4. Geolocation is required if you conduct active offline activities in your region or city.

5. Place an active link in the profile header if you have a portfolio, website, multilink listing and payment for your services.

6. Make buttons to contact you. Use the communication channels you actually use. If you don’t check your email regularly, no need to post it in profile.

7. Highlights must be designed in a uniform style and contain the necessary information.

In Highlights you need to place the most relevant information for your target audience: services, prices, portfolio, reviews, navigation, etc.

8. Visual style should be harmonious, with an alternation of diverse, high-quality and live photos as well as placing video reels.

9. Content. Even if your selling is through the website, your profile account must be minimally filled – the first 9 posts, with relevant information for customers: assortment, frequently asked questions (FAQ), general info about products and the company, introduction to the team, backstage (everything depends on the niche of the business, so the topics of the posts may be different).

Also, you should make Stories, allocating time for each of them, so it won’t overloading your followers with a huge amount of information in their feed. Too much of your content at single time will bore them.

Qualitatively preparing a profile for advertising means to increase the number of sales and satisfied customers.

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