A variety of developers can work on the creation of sites, but digital agencies show the best results in this matter. Yes, you can contact a freelancer, a small web studio or another specialized company, where the customer can also create a good website. At first glance, there is no difference, because the result is achieved and you will have a workable software product. But in reality, the results of the work of a digital agency and a small web studio are fundamentally different, because there are a lot of moments that only a serious, professional digital agency. Let’s figure out how digital agencies differ from other similar organizations, and what advantages a customer gets when ordering website development in a digital agency.

What is the difference between a digital agency and other web companies

To understand the advantages of a digital agency, it is necessary to clarify the very essence of this concept. Translated from English, digital means digital, therefore, a digital agency in the literal sense is a digital agency, that is, an organization working in the field of digital technologies. To be more precise, a digital agency is a company that provides services for online businesses in the field of digital technologies. This concept appeared in the lexicon of Ukrainians not so long ago, but it quickly became part of their everyday life.

The main difference between a digital agency and other developers is an integrated approach to creating websites up to the technical support of a finished resource, and the main direction of web studios is writing program code and design.

Consider the main activities of a digital agency

Design development

Разработка дизайна

Design is the first thing a user encounters when entering a website. And, as you know, our people are greeted by clothes, so it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of the appearance of the site for its success. No matter how functionally rich the site is, its ill-conceived and impractical design can negate all the efforts of programmers. The user, having got confused in the menu or links, will not deal with these difficulties for a long time and, most likely, will switch to competitors’ Internet resources. Design development is not just drawing pictures, it is a rather serious area of ​​creating a high-quality website and consists of many tasks. Therefore, serious attention is paid to design development in a digital agency, designers are prototyping all the main templates up to the final page, creating an interface for all sections and menus, and doing stylistics. It is also necessary to check all design solutions for the overall comfort of customers, for which checks are applied against usability and UX / UI design standards. The design is completed by html-layout, as a result of which the site acquires its appearance.

Code writing, programming


All developers are similar in this area, because they are all engaged in writing program code, without which any site is simply impossible. But quite often the difference is seen in the fact that digital agencies have a full range of options in their arsenal, unlike other specialized companies. Differences can also be expressed in content or content management systems (CMS), in the ability to connect certain modules to the functionality of the resource, in the ability to develop personal user accounts or mobile applications, in complex system testing, and much more. The main difference between other specialized companies is the poor implementation of the original and unique ideas of startup developers. Yes, not all sites will need to perform such tasks, but only digital agencies are ready to implement them.

Compatibility and Integrability

интеграция сайта

If at the dawn of the development of the Internet it was enough to simply create a solid website with a thoughtful design, then in our time this will not be enough for a full-fledged online business. A modern site, in addition to design, is a complex system that interacts with various databases of goods, orders or services, with tools that track and analyze user behavior with a resource, connected to popular payment systems and systems that track delivery. Also, Internet resources can use the information exchange system within the organization, various highly specialized platforms for the B2B segment and chat bots, and many other systems. Therefore, developers are faced with the task of correctly integrating their program into this system of third-party services for the convenience and efficiency of online business. This is the difference between digital agencies and other developers, because only professional digital agencies have the opportunity to practically implement the tasks of full compatibility and integrability of the system on the site.

Technical support

техподдержка сайтов

Many believe that the development of the site ends with its launch, and in the future, the participation of developers in the maintenance of the software product will no longer be needed. What is enough to accurately describe the terms of reference for the development and control its strict implementation by the performers, as a result, you will get a finished site that does not need further manipulations. This is a fairly common and erroneous opinion inherent in many customers. The customer understands the fallacy of such an opinion only if it is necessary to work related to the support of an already finished product. And turning to a regular web studio for technical support, with a high degree of probability, the customer will be refused, since such companies are not engaged in such activities, which leads to the search for new performers. Digital agencies provide turnkey software development services, so technical support for your website will usually be included in the full package. You don’t have to worry, the digital agency will put the site on hosting, fix all the problems and errors that arise, upgrade the resource when new technologies appear, etc. By ordering a full package of services for the development of an Internet resource in a digital agency, the customer will save his business from serious risks of wasting time and money.

Internet Marketing

интернет маркетинг

Internet marketing is understood as actions that are aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet, and the main goal of Internet marketing is to turn a website visitor into a buyer. Such a service as marketing is hardly available in a classic web studio, since there are almost never such specialists in their staff. And digital agencies will definitely offer their marketing services to the customer. After all, the option of creating, advertising and promoting a site by one performer will always look preferable. It has been repeatedly proven that search engine promotion is much more effective when using SEO design at the initial stage of website development. Marketers, SEO, PPC and SMM managers of the digital agency will create contextual or banner advertising, conduct web analytics and software audit, prepare content and provide everything necessary for marketing on the Internet.

The main activities that are given in the article are only a part of all the work provided by digital agencies. In practice, such organizations perform a much larger amount of work, for which they independently decide which specialists are needed to perform certain types of tasks. But potential customers need to understand the principles of the digital agency approach to website development. Therefore, before starting interaction with such an organization, it is necessary to clearly understand the goals that are set for the site being created. After all, only on this basis, digital agencies will build a competent and thoughtful strategy for creating your online resource. A good agency is distinguished by the presence of specialists who can help the customer in describing the details and advise on the main directions that will significantly simplify all subsequent steps to create a site.

How to choose a digital agency

In our country, there are no clear distinctions between organizations involved in the development of Internet products, so under the sign of a digital agency there can even be a classic web studio that is simply trying to attract more customers by raising its status with such a sign. Therefore, to choose an organization that will develop the site, it is necessary to approach it with all responsibility, taking into account three basic rules:

  • professional team. Employees of a serious digital agency must be proficient in popular programming and structuring languages, presenting content on the Internet, frameworks, and have skills in working with basic databases. In their work, such companies should approach with maximum responsibility and individual approach. The professionalism of a digital agency is also expressed in the methods of communication between the customer and the contractor. In serious agencies, a manager is assigned to each project, who is able to supervise and control the work of all employees to fulfill the order. The customer, in this case, communicates with this manager, and not directly with designers, programmers and other narrowly focused specialists.
  • experience in creating major projects. When choosing digital agencies, pay attention to the projects implemented by this team, which should not be just a few, but preferably dozens, and even better hundreds. Successful cases should include online stores, various promotional sites, landing pages, startup solutions, and other software. A professional digital agency must have on its staff not only programmers, but also UX / UI designers, testers, analysts, PPC masters, SEO and SMM managers, copywriters and others.
  • flexible approach to problem solving. A full-fledged creation of sites is a rather complicated process of implementing the ideas and wishes of the customer. Any order must be approached individually, excluding a template approach. The responsible executor must be ready for any type of task, even very complex ones. And it doesn’t matter what technologies and methods specialists use, it is important that the customer receives a truly complete set of website development services, from identity to filling pages with professional text content, from SEO design to promotion.

Why Global Solutions For Your Business digital agency is recommended

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Digital-agency GS4B performs not only complex orders for the development of sites, we also undertake the implementation of individual services related to web development. The client is always right, so there are simply no restrictions for us. You can order a separate design of an Internet resource, set up web analytics, connect a popular payment system or a tracking system for goods of postal operators, conduct search engine optimization.

Cooperation with the Global Solutions For Your Business digital agency will bring more benefits to your online business, you will receive not just a beautiful website, but a software product that brings real benefits to your business.