The presence of social networks – this is one of the key indicators of your business development!

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks can be both one of the channels of communication with your audience, and a separate full-fledged source of sales. It all depends on the niche of your business and the scale of development.

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing – it is social media marketing, the purpose of which is to attract, keep customers and sell products, services.

What does SMM promotion in social networks give to your business?

Builds loyalty to your brand.

Let’s say more, if you are not on social networks, then the audience is more likely to go to your competitors, who are already actively developing their business and forming an effective community.

Generates traffic

Directly from social networks, the transition to your site increases, which contributes to an increase in traffic. Next, you can run targeted ads on users interacting with your site. This tool allows you to increase sales, because advertising will be shown to an audience that is already interacting with your product, services.

Communication and direct interaction with the target audience (TA)

Get direct feedback from your audience – very valuable indicator. You can track the directions of likes, reposts, comments, responses in order to understand what is interesting for the target audience, and what should be paid attention to and what to improve. If your niche, positioning, content resonate with your customers, this is a great opportunity to interact with your target audience in the future, as with advocates for your business.

Market and competitor analysis

A great opportunity to always keep abreast of the latest events, trends and more deeply understand the advantages and disadvantages of your direct competitors.

Tracking their activity is useful and important in order to improve your product and improve your SMM strategy.

To promote your business, you need to understand in which direction you should move and what results to achieve.

Let’s highlight the main goals of SMM

1. Increasing sales. This is the main task! After all, a business needs to grow, develop and make a profit. Social networks – a good place to tell about your product to the maximum number of interested users.

2. Increase brand awareness so that potential customers understand who you are and what you do. If your brand is well-known, then, accordingly, the client, faced with a choice, will make it in the direction of your business, which he has already heard about, which he remembered and responded to.

3. Community creation. How do you interact with the target audience in the network. This is a powerful tool that allows you to work with your brand embassies in the future, who will speak directly about your business, broadcast its values ​​and interact directly with the audience on social networks. To do this, not only users must give you feedback, but you, for your part, must actively interact with your audience, provide a quality service.

4. Reputation boost. This helps the analysis of regular customers who are already users of your product. It is important to analyze whether your brand responds to them, how they describe it online, what they associate with, what reviews they leave, what comments they write, how many people have become your regular customers.

5. Increase in site traffic. Site – it is one of the main profit tools, so it is an integral part of online sales. Therefore, attracting traffic plays an important role.

All of the above points are united by a well-thought-out SMM strategy. It’s like a route map that gives you an idea in which direction to move and where to start! What should be taken into account?

• You should define the goals of your promotion in social networks and analyze the target audience (develop a detailed portrait of your client – what he is interested in, what are his pains, desires, needs. This will help create relevant content , which will hit right on target).

• Analyze your competitors, do an in-depth analysis to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

• Don’t be present all at once and everywhere. You should choose key social networks for your business for both b2b and b2c. Not all social platforms can fit your niche. Therefore, analyze which channels are popular among your target audience.

• Determine your TOV (Your Brand Voice), how you will communicate with your audience and how your brand will be perceived.

• Develop a detailed content plan, rubricators, so that you can analyze which messages are perceived better and what should be strengthened. Balance posts according to the interests of your audience (selling, informative, entertaining) and make them diverse to increase engagement.

• Set KPIs (performance indicators) to measure performance (increased sales, increased engagement, or others). Most importantly, they should meet your social media marketing goals.

Where to order SMM services?

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