You need to develop a website for your company – contact the Global Solutions For Your Business (GS4B) digital agency. We are pleased to offer excellent conditions for creating your own page on the Internet. Our company uses SEO-design in its developments, the procedure for developing the structure of programs based on the requirements of search engines.

No matter how cool the site developers create, without the SEO-design procedure, it will be difficult for any search engine to find it, so potential customers simply will not see it. To avoid such a result, GS4B develops websites not just using SEO design, but creates its Internet resources based on the preliminary results of search engine optimization.

SEO design, as well as subsequent SEO promotion, can significantly increase the profit from the operation of your Internet business, making it much more efficient.

What is SEO

seo отпимізація сайту в києвіseo отпимізація сайту в києвіSEO is an abbreviation of the English phrase Search Engine Optimization, which in translation means Search Engine Optimization. Everything seems to be simple, but to explain in a nutshell what SEO is will not work. Let’s figure it out together.

By entering any search engine, including the most popular Google, and entering the name of a product or service to search, you will receive dozens and hundreds of results arranged in a certain order on several pages. This order or algorithm is highly classified, but the bottom line is that the more your site matches it, the higher the position it will rank in the search engine for the entered query. And the higher the position in the search engine, the more often potential customers will visit your resource.

The essence of SEO is to unravel the secret search engine algorithm by any signs, to make adjustments in such a way that your software product would correspond to this algorithm as much as possible and take higher positions in the search engine. This process begins at the planning stage of writing a site (SEO design) and continues during the promotion of a software product (SEO promotion).

Any SEO work can be accompanied by major adjustments to an already prepared software product, and these changes will affect not only the content or page URLs, but the menu or even the site structure itself may need to be changed. It should be noted that such an adjustment is possible both during the development of the resource and with the finished product.

How SEO Design Works

seo проєктування київseo проєктування київInitially, when developing sites, search engine optimization was not used, developers paid more effort and time to design, attractiveness and ergonomics. Therefore, SEO work began to be carried out already on a working software product, making changes “on the go”. This process can hardly be called SEO-designing, rather it is SEO-optimization. And although this is not the most productive approach, many people use it to this day.

SEO design is considered to be the most productive method in website development. Let’s take a look at the basic SEO design steps:

• at the initial stage, best of all, even before the development of technical specifications for the creation of sites, experts study the software products of competing organizations. Studying the Internet pages of competitors that are in the first lines of the search engine makes it possible to identify some regularity that allows them to achieve such results. This work will allow preparing SEO recommendations for the subsequent stages of development;

• alignment of the logic of the internal structure under the norms of the search engine. An important point here is the internal links between sections, subsections, catalogs and product cards. Correct and logical transitions will greatly simplify the further promotion of the site;

• the so-called interface prototyping is carried out, that is, a sketch of the finished layout is created. This prototype should take into account all the features of the content that is optimal for the search engine.

The main stages of SEO optimization

SEO optimization is carried out for a finished software product in order to adapt it to the requirements of a search engine. It consists of several stages:

• Just like in SEO design, the first step is to research the sites of the most successful competitors to identify patterns of excellent results in search engines. Finding these patterns will become the basis for SEO optimization;

• the second stage is the adaptation of content to the requirements of the search engine. This stage includes a change in texts, and there may be cardinal changes in its volume, structure, the presence of subheadings, it is necessary to competently include key phrases used in the search in the texts, add various graphic visual material (photos, videos, drawings, graphs, etc. );

• The next step is technically changing the content of your site. Changes are subject to tags and URLs that should be understandable to a normal user, internal linking, etc.

SEO-optimized development options

In order to make it easier for the customer to navigate in matters of optimization, taking into account SEO work, let’s look at the main options for writing websites.

1. Without using an SEO strategy.

As a result, you will get a basic site model, saving time and money without an SEO strategy. But later the customer will face the need to promote his software product, which will result in its inevitable modernization. And this requires additional time and funds, which can exceed the initial use of SEO design.


This option of developing a site is economically profitable only at the initial stage; with further search promotion, you must be prepared for difficulties, loss of time and money. This option can be used when creating a page for a narrowly focused business, for a separate direction, or for a business without much competition.

seo отпимізація сайту в києві

2. Using SEO optimization.

The advantage of this option is cost savings, which is achieved by parallel SEO work with the creation of a resource by one performer. As disadvantages, you can indicate a longer time to launch the search promotion of the site and the need for subsequent promotion of the software product.


This site development option is a compromise. A small savings will allow you to create a good page for your business, but for a full-fledged result, additional promotion of the site is required. This option is perfect for a customer with limited financial resources who plans further promotion as funds accumulate.

3. Development using SEO design.

As a result of this method, the customer receives a software product with the maximum compliance of all elements of the site for search engine optimization without subsequent upgrades. The advantages of this method include the fact that there is a clear SEO promotion, promotion can be started immediately after launch, and all work is entrusted to one developer, which has a positive effect on the interaction of all elements of the system. Among the disadvantages are the duration and complexity of developing such a software product.


This option is chosen by most customers, so it is the best among all options. The time spent will be compensated, as there is no need for further modernization. And it doesn’t take much effort to get to the top of the search engine list.

4. SEO design with SEO promotion.

The result of this option will be a completely finished site, developed by one contractor, which will not have misunderstandings and inconsistencies with other developers. Also positive is the most effective promotion of such a resource, although you will have to pay a little more for this than with other spelling options.

Such an integrated approach requires a unified professional vision of the entire project, its tasks, functions, goals and prospects.


This option can be called ideal, since the customer will receive his site completely ready, so to speak, on a turnkey basis. Writing a software product and its SEO optimization are as interconnected as possible, so getting into the top of the search engine list is guaranteed.

Ordering a website with an SEO service is profitable with GS4B

Digital agency Global Solutions For Your Business is ready to create websites of any complexity. Whatever option of creating a resource is not to the liking of the customer, we will complete it on time.

Our team consists only of professionals:

• programmers capable of realizing any ideas of the author;

• SEO-specialists, masters to promote your resource;

• usability specialists who provide convenience to users;

• copywriters who are ready to write texts of any complexity and subject matter.

Having extensive experience in developing and promoting in the Internet space, our team actively uses SEO recommendations, so our sites are always in the top search engines. And these are not empty words – many satisfied customers have been making money thanks to our developments for more than a year.